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Destroyit 4606 Cross Cut


  • The Destroyit 4606 CC is a level 2 (P-3) paper shredding machine that shreds paper into 3/16” x 2-3/8” cross-cut particles.
  • Sheet Capacity: 50-60 sheets
  • Type: Cross-cut
  • Security: P-3
  • Shred Speed: 40 ft/min
  • Feed Opening: 18″
  • Cut Size: 1/4″ x 2 “
  • Bin Size: 61 Gallons

Destroyit 4606 CC is built with a wide 18” feed opening and can easily shred 50-60 sheets in a single pass. The 4606 has a special feed hopper installed at the top of the machine for shredding crumpled papers and hardbound documents.

The Destroyit 4606 CC cross-cut paper shredder can also shred CD’s, staples, and credit cards at an impressive speed of 40 ft/min.

The Destroyit 4606 is a feature-packed machine that makes large volume shredding task an easy and hassle-free job.

  • In case the shredder is overfed, the machine automatically stops and reverses the process.
  • The 61-gallon waste bin can be easily removed as it contains casters that allow users to slide the bin and empty it without any hassle.
  • Similarly, there is no need to check the waste bin level again and again as the indicator starts flashing when it’s full and the shredding operations are stopped until it is emptied
  • What’s exciting is that the MBM Destroyit 4606CC comes with a lifetime warranty on cutting shafts that require minimum maintenance and repair due to the automatic oil injection that keeps them lubricated during the shredding process.
  • The single-phase motor of 4606 CC adds to its efficiency.

Overall, the Destroyit 4606 CC is a durable and economical shredder great for large office space that requires heavy-duty shredding jobs to be taken care of every day.